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  W  e  l  c  o  m  e  B  i   s   m   i   l   l   a  h
 I s l a m

I  s  l  a  mCan we find an explanation for the great universe? Is there any convincing interpretation..
 R  e  a  d   O  n

 C  r  e  a  t  i  o  n   O  f    M  a  n
 O  r  i  g  i  n     O  f     E  a  r  t  h

 O  r  i  g  i  n     O  f     E  a  r  t  h We present to you Professor Alfred Kroner who is one of the world’s most famous geologists. R  e  a  d   O  n

 A  s  t  r  o  n  o  m  y

 A  s  t  r  o  n  o  m  y In calculating the energy required to form one atom of iron, it was found to be about four.. R  e  a  d   O  n

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